Removalist Packing Tips

No.1 Packing Tip: cheap cartons will cause grief for you, your valuables and the removalist.


Use only strong, corrugated cartons, we can supply you with specialise doubly ply removal cartons. The added protection that these cartons provide may avoid damage that results from the use of poor quality packing materials. We can supply new boxes from $4.50 for a standard carton, $3.50 for a book carton; we also have second hand boxes subject to availability. We can supply your paper, tapes and any other requirements.


Use only strong, corrugated cartons, we can supply you with specialise doubly ply removal cartons. The added protection that these cartons provide may avoid damage that results from the use of poor quality packing materials.


Here is a list if materials you will need:

  • Removalist boxes
  • Plenty of clean Butchers Paper for wrapping items and padding.
  • Packaging Tape for securing boxes.
  • Markers for writing on cartons.
  • Scissors or a sharp knife for cutting tape.


Before actually packing up, you need to have a game plan. For example:

  • Pack one room at a time. This will help you when it comes time to unpack.
  • Pack a couple of cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.
  • Mark all boxes with which room they are from and a brief description of contents.
  • Be sure to have plenty of “filling/padding” material available.
  • Be sure that the bottoms of all cartons are secured and will hold the weight of the contents.
  • Packing tape or gum tape is better than masking tape.
  • Pack heavier items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items towards the top.
  • The final weight of the carton should not exceed the average adult strength of approximately 25kg. Remember your removalist is only human.

A general rule to remember on carton size – the heavier the item, the smaller the carton.


Turn the carton upside down & fold in opposite flaps, do not interlock. We recommend that you tape both ends and also down the centre of each carton.


The ink in the paper can transfer onto your items, permanently staining them in some cases. It is also very messy when packing and unpacking, covering your hands in ink. We strongly recommend you use clean butchers paper or similar.


Time will be saved on your move if you arrange your cartons of similar size four to five feet high, in the one area, not blocking any access to exits or furniture. The garage is usually the best place for these.


Using a felt marker to clearly label each carton with its room, brief description of contents. Labelling the cartons on their sides rather than the tops makes it much easier to find the one you want they are stacked. If a carton is packed in a manner that requires it to be always kept in an upright position, draw arrows on each side indicating which way it is to be place up. Any cartons containing particularly fragile items should be labelled accordingly.


Fill all cartons to the top without overfilling. Cartons with items sticking over the top cannot be properly closed or stacked, cartons that are under filled tend to crush when stacked. Always make sure each carton is filled totally to the top before closing. Any spaces can be filled up with scrunched up butchers paper, towels, blankets or other similar items.


  • Select a book/wine size carton and line the bottom with scrunched up butchers paper.
  • With packing paper stacked neatly in place on a flat surface, centre a plate on the paper.
  • Grasp a corner on a couple of sheets of packing paper and pull the paper over the plate until sheets completely cover the plate.
  • Stack a second plate on and, moving in a clockwise direction, grasp a second corner and pull paper over the second plate.
  • Stack a third plate. Grasp remaining two corners, folding two sheets of each corner (one at a time) over the plate.
  • Turn your wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your packing paper.
  • Re-wrap the entire bundle: start with one corner of packing paper and pull two sheets over the bundle, cover bundle with the next corner, then the third corner and finally, the fourth.
  • Place the bundle of dishware into this carton so that the plates are standing on their edge. Use this process on all saucers, bread & butter dishes and other dishware. When packing small dishes, you may to choose to stack in a greater quantity.


  • With packing paper in place on a flat surface, place a cup/mug six to eight inches from one of the corners.
  • Now pull the near corner of the paper up and over the cup/mug.
  • Nest a second cup/mug directly on top, with the handle to the left (second cup should “nest” itself in the packing paper folded over the bottom cup/mug).
  • Pull the two side corners up and over, one at a time and tuck corners inside the top cup/mug.
  • Hold the bottom and top cup/mug in position and roll them to the remaining corner. Fragile mixing bowls may be rolled in the same manner.
  • Delicate cups, like china, should be wrapped one at a time. Antique glass or china should be stuffed with scrunched tissue or butchers paper and wrapped one at a time.


  • Stuff glasses and stemware with scrunched tissue or butchers paper before wrapping.
  • Lay them on the corner of the packing paper and roll it one or two full rotations (depending on size), pull sides of packing paper up and over glass/stemware and continue rolling to the far corner.
  • Place glasses and stemware towards the top of your cartons. Heavier items (dishware, pitchers, etc) should be placed toward the bottom of the cartons.

Delicate glassware and stemware should be placed in an upright position, not on its side. No matter what you’re packing, you should use scrunched up packing paper in between each layer to ensure a snug fit wherever there is a gap. All boxes with “fragile” items should be marked accordingly.


The list of individual household items is endless. Here arre some packing tips for major items. If you would like a more comprehensive list of how to pack special items, please contact us.

Tall Boys / Chest of Draws: Must be empty.

Canned Goods and other Non-Frozen Food: Pack upright with no more than 25 – 30 cans per carton. Don’t move perishables. Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack into book/wine size cartons.

Clocks: Remove or secure the pendulum and weights in clocks.

Flammables and Combustibles: Flammable liquids or solids and aerosol cans must not be packed for the removalist to take. Change in temperatures can cause them to leak or even explode. For your own protection, you should now that if you pack these items for a removalist to carry and they cause damage to your possessions or other, you, not your removalist, may be liable.

Lamps and Lampshades: Remove bulbs, harps and shades/ Roll up cord. Pack lamp with bedding or wrap separately and place upright into carton with padding. Wrap the harp and finial (decorative knob) in packing paper and tape to the inside wall of the carton that contains the shade. Wrap shades in tissue or butchers paper and place upright in appropriate size carton.

Medicines: Seal caps with masking tape, easy to remove. Wrap and pack upright into book/wine cartons. If need during travel, carry them with you.

Mirrors, Paintings and Pictures: Tell your removalist about valuable items which require special care. Wrap small mirrors, pictures, paintings and frames in bubble wrap or butchers paper and place on their edge in appropriate size carton. Large paintings, mirrors, etc can be wrapped and placed into picture cartons or tape closed the bottom of a flattened Tea Chest carton and place pictures, mirrors, etc inside them (one per carton) and tape the top closed. Do not force them in as it will cause damage.

Computers, DVD Players, Video Recorders: Pack these back into their original cartons if you still have them. Otherwise, using the appropriate size carton/s place protective padding on the bottom of the carton. Wrap item in a blanket, towels, etc and place into the carton. Place plenty of padding around, filling any gaps. Wrap any detachable cords separately, try to put these into the same carton with the item they are from. This should save you time, by not having to remember where they are.

Lawnmowers, Whipper Snippers, etc: Drain all fuel from any fuel driven appliances, empty catchers and give them a quick clean, getting rid of any grass.

Cars, Motorcycles and Buggies: Any of these which are being transported in the removalist truck should be drained empty of fuel. Motorcycle batteries should be disconnected.

Barbecues: Wrap the grates/plates in newspaper, place briquettes into a strong plastic bag. Place inside an appropriate size carton with padding to reduce movement. Please empty the fat tray and clean out the litter tray as well.


Following is a list of items which are not able to be carried by SPRINGALL MOVERS. It can be very disappointing to have a removalist arrive at your property only to discover they will not move all your items. This will be because there are certain items that we may not carry by law.

Class 1) EXPLOSIVES: Ammunition, Flares, Fireworks, etc

Class 2) FLAMMABLE GASES: Oxygen, Acetylene, LPG, etc

Class 3) FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS: Petrol, Paints, Turpentine, etc

Class 4) Methylated Spirits, Flammable Solids, Matches, Magnesium, Phosphorus, etc.

Class 5) OXIDISING SUBSTANCES: Calcium Hypochlorite, Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Fire Lighters / Powders, etc.

Class 6) POISON & TOXIC SUBSTANCES: Pesticides, Weed Killers, Photographic Developers, Arsenic, etc.

Class 8) CORROSIVE SUBSTANCES: Oxides, Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, etc.

Class 9) MISCELLIANEOUS: Scuba Tanks, Gas Cylinders, Aerosol Cans, Explosive Devices, etc.

* If any of these or ineligible items have been packed by you & carried SPRINGALL MOVERS, your goods will not be covered by any insurance.


  • The Post Office – for mail redirection.
  • Electricity & Gas Authority.
  • Telephone Service Provider.
  • Water Supply Authority.
  • Taxation Department.
  • Bank / Building Society.
  • Redirect / Cancel subscriptions to wine club, book club, newspaper, magazines, etc.
  • Vehicle Registration Authority.
  • Insurance Companies – Car, House, Property, Health, etc.
  • Doctor & Dentist – Arrange for records to be forwarded.
  • Foxtel / Austar, Cable TV provider.
  • Lawyer / Solicitor.
  • School/s – Arrange for records to be forwarded.


  • Carefully read the DANGEROUS GOODS list & dispose of all flammable & prohibited items.
  • Sell or dispose of any furniture that you are not taking with you.
  • If you are doing all or part of your own packing, allow plenty of time for this task.
  • Backup your computer hard drive, ensure printer, scanner, monitor, etc is prepared for transport.
  • * Disassemble any beds & frames ready for transport.
  • * Disassemble any built in fixtures & fittings, ready for transport.
  • * Disassemble outdoor items i.e. swing set, cubby house, etc & place all bolts, screws, etc in a container for safe keeping.
  • * Disassemble all prefabricated furniture ready for transport, particularly computer desks, as these tend to collapse during transport.

* SPRINGALL MOVERS can disassemble these items for you; simply ask us for a quote, most of the time it is free!


  • If packing yourself, ensure all cartons are packed, sealed & clearly labelled ready for collection.
  • Keep passports, important documentation, money, tickets, etc with you, as these cannot travel withSPRINGALL MOVERS & are not covered by our insurance.
  • When paying for your removal, please have the correct amount / funds available for collection by the removalist upon completion of your move.
  • Make sure all fuel is drained from fuel driven appliances / devices.
  • Empty & defrost your fridge / freezer.
  • Disconnect TV, stereo system, computer equipment. Remember to remove CD’s, tapes, etc prior to transport.
  • Please arrange to be at your home on both the packing & removal days. If you cannot attend, please have someone you can trust to attend & act as your representative.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, get a good night’s sleep & leave the rest to SPRINGALL MOVERS!

Clients Testimonial

  • Sammy Lee

    We just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to the packers – Brendan and Graham and especially to the uplift fellows Brendan graham and kenny. Each introduced themselves and nothing was too much trouble. They are a credit to your company. Arriving on time and were quick and efficient in all the work carried…..

    Sammy Lee
  • L. Doherty

    My husband and I used Springall Movers in early may to move our family from Ipswich  to molendiner. We received a very competitive quote and didn’t have to pay any extra costs on the day. His service and team were extremely prompt and fast while taking great care of our most valued possessions. We found his…..

    L. Doherty

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